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LED Lighting Systems : A Simple Guide

LED lighting Systems

Now that you have decided on LED lighting over CFL or incandescent lights, after reviewing our prior blog: LED Under Cabinet Lighting Solutions. ,you are ready to move onto the harder and more in-depth decisions in regards to your lighting system! Here we will review the options you have when deciding to install a low voltage lighting system. We will cover basic considerations beginning with system type, color choices, and lastly mounting options. System Types Choosing a system type is an important factor when it comes to low voltage lighting. Layout of the kitchen and the stage of renovation or…

In-Wall Cables: Bringing you up to Code

In-Wall Cable for LED Lighting

We are frequently asked for guidance on installing In-Wall Cable in a kitchen for low voltage LED lighting systems. In-Wiring is a way to achieve a cleaner looking installation and sometimes a downright necessity. Considering that in-wall wiring is usually one of the first step of a remodel, what cable to use and when to use it are great scenarios to know when preparing for the kitchen under cabinet lighting phase. Although this step is commonly completed by your contractor, a little background knowledge goes a long way! When would I use In-Wall Wiring? One of the primary places you…